Beginning May 21, 2014, drivers will be required to obtain their FMCSA medical examination from a certified medical examiner that is listed on the National Registry. Designed to improve safety by achieving high-quality medical exams that are consistent with Federal regulations and guidelines, the National Registry will help commercial motor vehicle drivers, and employees, find trained and qualified medical examiners to perform physical qualification examinations.

Dr. Peter Kantzilieris is also A Certified Medical Examiner that is qualified in performing Department of Transportation physicals.

What to Bring

  • Bring relevant documentation regarding health
  • List of medications being taken
  • Caffeine and tobacco should be avoided in the hours before your exams
  • Please come with a full bladder

Examination Requirements

  • Hearing acuity (must be able to detect a loud whisper at a distance of 5 feet)
  • Overall vision and visual acuity (must be correctable to at least 20/40)
  • Good color vision
  • Urine test to measure your blood levels of glucose, protein, and sugar levels
  • Blood pressure (140/90 maximum)

Exemptions: In the case you are eligible for exemptions for specific testing areas and parameters, our professionals will advise with key recommendations for improving your health moving forward.

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