Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Pete. He always puts his patience first with a kind heart especially full of patience ! I would not be where i am today physically if i never went under his care. My mother has become a patient of his as well. Him and his staff, Edlynn and Monica bring good vibes all around. LOVE YALL XOXOX
– Victoria C.

Dr Pete is the BEST chiropractor in the area. He will definitely help and heal your back pain. Dr Pete’s receptionist is so sweet and so nice to talk to. She will make it easy for you to make a appointment that is convenient for you.
– Jessica N.

Dr. Peter is amazing. I’ve had back issues for a while and when he adjusted my back I felt like new!!!!!! He is so informative and walks you through everything that he will do for you. Defiantly recommend you see him for your chiropractic needs!!!!
– Ashialdmy C.

Excellent office. Very accommodating and the text reminders are a huge help! Would highly recommend
– Phil B.

Best Chiro in town!! Dr. Pete just moved in down the street from me so I figured I would check it out and it was great. His approach to treatment is not just to adjust and send you on your way. He makes sure he does what he can to get you feeling better as fast as possible. I also tried the Acupuncturist and she was wonderful as well. I can’t wait until he expands and gets massage therapist and adds yoga classes.
– Robin D.

Dr. Peter is the greatest!! Went to get him to work on my back and he told me he could alleviate my heel spur. No more pain after two quick treatments. It took five months of cortizone shots last time i had a heel spur with a podiatrist. Thank God for Dr. Peter!!
– Mario J. P.

The office has an inviting warm ambiance. Dr. P is very thorough and informative. Within a few visits, I noticed a positive difference. I definitely recommend going to him.
– Gene T.

I went to Dr. Peter Kantzileris for my neck and low back pain and the results were amazing! In just a few visits i felt so much better! Dr. Peter and his staff were very professional and accommodating. Overall a great experience!
– Daniella

I am so glad I went to Dr. Peter at Next Step Chiropractic. After my first visit, I felt immediate relief. Peter took the time to ask me questions on what brought me to his office and gave me some pointers on how to relive the pain. Came in with neck and back pain and left feeling like a new person. The Staff at Next Step Chiropractic is very professional and friendly. They are always ready to answer your questions or concerns and the office is conveniently located a few minutes from Garden State Mall. During one of my visits, I found out that they offer acupuncture and massage therapy which I am excited to try. I would defiantly recommend Dr. Peter for all your chiropractic needs.
– Tiago